Family businesses in Scotland - an analysis of social and business networks by Dr Claire Seaman

We invite you to lecture entitled Family businesses in Scotland - an analysis of social and business networks, which will take place in University of Finance and Management in Warsaw on 12th January 2016.

Dr Claire Seaman from Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh) will give the lecture on: Family businesses in Scotland - an analysis of social and business networks. The lecture will take place in our University (55 Pawia Str.) in January 12, 2016 at 1 pm in the room 105.

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Dr Claire Seaman is a Reader in Enterprise & Family Business at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. She has published over 30 journal articles on family businesses in the UK, New Zealand and Latin America and is a regular contributor to family business conferences worldwide. Her recent book, The Modern Family Business, was developed with colleagues and published by Palgrave McMillan. Claire maintains close links with the business community and business organisations such as the local economic development agencies. She is a frequent speaker at gatherings of family businesses and professional advisors. This interaction enables her to share insights from evidence based research with practitioners, while ensuring that her research focuses on areas of importance to the family business community, and has lead directly to current research that focusses on the European Family Business Associations. Experiences and close interactions with business and business support agencies help keep her professional work rooted into the realties and complex dynamics of these fascinating enterprises that dominate the economic and societal landscape around the world. 


Beginning with an overview of family businesses in Scotland, this paper develops understanding of family dynamics by analysing the interaction between the family, friendship and business networks that surround small family businesses, drawing together network evidence to improve understanding of family-firm dynamics to consider the way additional ties within the network become visible when these networks are considered together. Semi-structured interviews were used to establish the patterns of networking amongst a sample of family owned and managed businesses. Two case studies are presented, allowing a deeper qualitative analysis of the different types of networks and their interaction. Evidence from a sample of family owned and managed businesses highlights both the multiple rationalities employed in their networking and the manner in which different aspects of their individual networks contribute to business development. The conclusions are that the perspective of multiple rationalities can deepen our understanding of networks in family businesses and that different types of businesses may be influenced to varying degrees by different rationalities. This research provides a wider perspective on networks within small and micro-family businesses which reflects the differing impacts of these networks on decision making in practice. The research is primarily qualitative in nature and is not intended to be generalize to the population of family businesses, but offers insights into a theoretical framework to analyse social networks in small firms. Where business support services seek to encourage and facilitate network development, factoring in the family and friendship dimensions can lead to a differentiation of provision. The paper extends the mono-rational perspectives on how small and micro-family businesses network and introduces a multi-rational perspective to analysing networks in small firms. 


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