Rector’s Representative
for Equal Treatment

The Representative’s range of duties:

Małgorzata Niewiadomska-Cudak,

PhD, Associate Professor at the University of Economics and Human Sciences

  • Striving to ensure equal treatment of women and men, preventing discrimination against students and employees of the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw.
  • Promoting and publicizing good practices observed at the University, related to the fostering of equality and diversity, by raising awareness of the importance of the issue of equality.
  • Helping in the development of academic careers of persons whose careers have been slowed down or restricted due to systemic reasons.
  • Supporting parents who combine their professional careers with raising a family by broadening the offer of day care for young children through the development of infrastructure on the Campus.
  • Initiating actions to raise awareness of the importance of respecting the equality principle, in particular, organizing meetings and trainings aimed at the academic community.
  • Collaborating with NGOs which work to prevent discrimination of all sorts.
  • Working to eliminate and mitigate the consequences of violation of the equality principle.
  • Representing the Rector of the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw before institutions and NGOs which are concerned with equality issues.

How can I help you?

  • Have you been discriminated against?
  • Are you feeling ill-at-ease?
  • Do you want to help persons or groups who are discriminated against?

You can contact the Representativeby writing
to this address:

Documents describing the policy of equal treatment