UEHS Graduate Discount

UEHS graduates who register for studies within 30 days after the defense, in addition to the 20% discount for the first year of study, will receive an additional 10% discount for the second year of study and will be exempt from the registration fee.


Transfer from another university

Students who will decide to resume their studies at UEHS will be exempt from registration fees and will receive a discount on tuition fees of 20% in the first year of re-admission their studies and 5% for 2nd year. We also provide an individual approach to program differences. 


Resumption of studies at UEHS

Students who decide to resume studies at UEHS will be exempt from the enrollment fee, receive a 20% discount on tuition fees in the first year of resumption of studies and a 5% discount on tuition fees in the following year of study. We also provide an individual approach to program differences