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Results of the evaluation of the Ministry of Education and Science – UEHS has been granted full academic privileges in four scientific disciplines!  –  List of scientific categories 2022

We are pleased to inform our academic community that, as a result of the evaluation of academic activity for 2017-2021 conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science, all disciplines in which the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw conducted research attained a high scientific category of B+.
The academic achievements of all research and teaching staff of the university were he basis of the evaluation.  Also, the financial effects of the academic research and development work, and the impact of scientific activity on the functioning of society and the economy were considered.
By being awarded these high academic categories, the University was granted full academic privileges, in particular the right to award doctoral (dr) and postdoctoral (dr hab.) degrees in four disciplines of social sciences:
– economics and finance,
– law,
– political science and administration,
– psychology.

We are delighted with the achievements so far, but we are not resting on our laurels! There are still new challenges ahead of us!

Results of scientific activity evaluation for 2017-2021