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We are extremely pleased to announce that our employee has received a very prestigious scientific award – IEEE TCSC. 

The IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC) is a technical committee within  IEEE Computer Society that aims to promote research and education in the field of scalable computing with applications. The committee collects nominations for the Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award. 

Dr. Deepika Saxena’s PhD dissertation “Machine Learning Driven Resource Prediction and Management Models for Cloud Environments” has been awarded with the IEEE TCSC 2023 Outstanding Dissertation Award and EUROSIM 2023 Best PhD Thesis Award. Her dissertation proposed novel and innovative cloud traffic and resource management models, integrating online performance control, artificial intelligence, and quantum machine learning to support cloud engineers to enhance security, fault-tolerance, sustainability, and service quality for end-users and exhilarating revenues for stakeholders. This dissertation addresses intricate challenges related to decision-making in cloud infrastructure, presenting pragmatic solutions that empower cloud service providers and engineers to optimize performance while judiciously utilizing computing, storage, and networking resources. Her research centers on advancing security, fault tolerance, and sustainability for end-users. This research work demonstrates remarkable novelty and quality, as evidenced by her publications in top-tier journals such as Nature’s Scientific Reports, IEEE TSC, IEEE SMC, IEEE T-ASE, IEEE TPDS, IEEE TCC, IEEE TNSM, IEEE System Journals, IEEE Communications Letters, IEEE Networking Letters, IET Electronics Letters, Neurocomputing, Journal of Supercomputing, and Soft Computing, among others.