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As previously announced, in December 2023 and January 2024, 2 more workshops were held under the framework of the International Academic and Business Council, this time for Management and IT students.

On December 14, 2023 the workshop entitled. “Ethics and value catalogue in business, a case study based on the music industry” was led by Piotr Kabaj, who gained his impressive experience in the music industry at companies such as Pomaton, EMI Music Poland, Warner Music Polska and Takt. The workshop was aimed at Management students and based on specific examples from the music industry, it was an attempt to answer the fundamental question ” Is it worth being honest in the music business?” and to describe the values that a professional working with artists and in the music business should represent.

On January 9, 2024 IT students were able to participate in a workshop entitled. ““IT services market in Poland and Europe. How to become a SAP consultant and what does such a job involve on a daily basis?”. The speakers, outstanding business practitioners: Anna Saczuk and Maciej Gieracha were representatives of the IT consulting company – BPX S.A.  The workshop covered the following issues:

– Brief characteristics of the IT market in Poland and Europe:

  1. Why is this market so attractive to young people?
  2. Is there one desirable competence/profile model?

– How to become a SAP consultant, what competences a SAP consultant should have and what such a job involves on a daily basis

Just like at previous workshops, the students most enjoyed the practical dimension of the activities, the case studies and the opportunity to ask questions.