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The educational offer of the University of Economics and Human Sciences is becoming increasingly recognized outside Poland. This includes quite distant countries, such as Vietnam. Thanks to previously established contacts, the UEHS representatives visited four high schools in this largest Vietnamese city on March 22-24. The main goal was to promote education at the international level and offer broad opportunities to acquire knowledge in many fields. This is made possible by the undergraduate and scholarship programs offered by the UEHS in a total of 36 majors, numerous facilities (including for the disabled) and, finally, a rich and attractive student life.

The high point of the visit, however, was the scholarship exam. Its participants gained a chance to learn about the high academic level present at the UEHS and to win scholarships at the UEHS. The exam attracted a large number of applicants, showing great interest in getting an education in Poland.

The visit of the UEHS representatives not only helped strengthen ties between educational institutions in Warsaw and Ho Chi Minh City. It also provided a lot of valuable information about the possibilities for young Vietnamese people to realize their own university aspirations. At the same time, the UEHS gained a lot of valuable information about expectations in terms of both current and current trends in education in Vietnam. It also emphasized the UEHS’s commitment to sustainable university education and promoting cross-cultural exchanges.