With great pride and joy we announce that our University has been awarded the prestigious international accreditation CEEMAN IQA. CEEMAN (Central and East European Management Development Association) is an international association established in 1993, focusing on management development to accelerate the quality of management education in Central and Eastern Europe. It is now a global network of institutions interested in quality education and management innovation. With the objective of professional excellence, CEEMAN supports the quality of development and change processes in management through the development of education, research, consultation, information. His holistic approach to leadership promotes innovation, creativity and respect for cultural values. Educational institutions that meet the established standards are accredited by CEEMAN (IQA Accreditation).

Prof. Danica Purg, president of the accrediting institution, wrote in her congratulatory letter addressed to the authorities of our University, “With a clear and far-reaching vision, you have developed a noble mission to prepare professional, confident and ethical leaders capable of competing successfully in the international marketplace. In this way, you are truly playing a pioneering role in introducing and spreading the idea of excellent, relevant and sustainable management education in Poland.”

For UEHS, this achievement is the culmination of the efforts made by all University employees to continuously strive for excellence and improve the quality of education

For more: http://www.ceeman.org/news/vizja-business-school-joins-ceeman-iqa-family