Business Council

The Business Council of the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw was created by the Decision of the Rector no. 8/10/2020 of October 30 th , 2020.

The Rector nominated Dr. Barbara Sypniewska to be the first President of the University’s Business Council.

Dr. Barbara Sypniewska is Head of the Sochaczew branch of the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw. She holds a PhD in Economics in the field of Management and an MA degree in Psychology.

She has gained invaluable experience working as an advisor, manager and specialist, mainly in HR departments of various privately-owned companies as well as in public administration.

Her main interests include human capital management and business psychology.

Members of the Business Council

Members of the Business Council are representatives of: the University’s teaching and research staff, administration staff, IT and HR companies, associations of entrepreneurs and institutions which promote business development.

The Business Council, together with its Partners, will undertake initiatives in the following areas:

Organizing internships and job trainings for students

Cooperating with others in terms of teaching and professional issues

Conducting research and projects

Organizing conferences

Evaluating programmes of studies

Evaluating objectives and results of teaching

If you wish to join the Business Council or cooperate with us, please contact us

Business Council
of the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw
ul. Okopowa 59
01-043 Warsaw

Dr Barbara Sypniewska
President of the Business Council
e-mail: b.sypniewska@vizja.pl

Aleksandra Krowicka
Member of the AEH Business Council​
e-mail: a.krowicka@vizja.pl
telephone: 577 781 600