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Visit UEHSFind your perfect fitted studies

The University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw announces that it will conduct an online scholarship examto help the most talented candidates of different nationalities make their educational dreams come true.

We invite prospective candidates under the age of 25 who are in their final year of secondary schoolto take part in the scholarship exam. The exam is designed to assess the candidates’ logical thinking skills as well as their level of English proficiency. Those who achieve the most impressive results will be offered a scholarship that partially covers the cost of their first year of studies (tuition fees).

As the online scholarship exam is scheduled for the beginning of May 2024, we accept applications until 05.05.2024 (5th of May 2024).

Here is the registration link:

The exact time of the exam will be announced closer to the event to all registrants.

In case of additional questions, contact us via e-mail: