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The University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw has achieved spectacular results during its participation in international student fairs held in Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Tajikistan, and Kirgizstan.

A delegation from the UEHS, consisting of university representatives, participated in these prestigious events aimed at promoting higher education, cultural exchange, and building global partnerships.

  • During the fair in Uzbekistan, the UEHS representatives showcased a rich educational offer and the opportunities for studying at their campus, which garnered immense interest from students and institutions in the region.
  • In the Philippines, the UEHS stood out for its innovative teaching approach and scholarship programs, attracting the attention of numerous young individuals seeking further educational opportunities.
  • In Indonesia, the UEHS delegation had the opportunity to present its educational offerings.
  • In Turkey, the UEHS was recognized for its excellent quality of education, further solidifying its position as a leading educational institution.
  • In Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, the UEHS’s presence confirmed the university’s global reputation as a place where students find inspiration, support, and opportunities for development.

In summary, the UEHS’s participation in international student fairs was not only an opportunity to promote the university but also to build cross-cultural bridges and establish partnerships with institutions from various regions of the world. The success of UEHS’s participation in these events confirms its global reach and high reputation among educational institutions worldwide.