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On January 26, 2024, the first meeting on establishing cooperation between the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw took place. On the side of the PRC Embassy, the meeting was attended by the Councilor for Education – Mr. YI Jun and the Second Secretary for Education – Mr. ZHANG Yuchuan.  

The meeting was mainly of an etiquette nature, serving to present the main goals of UEHS’ and general directions of its future development. During the discussion, the Embassy learned about our university’s cooperation with Jilin International Studies University, and the UEHS presented plans to launch new fields of study. 

The embassy expressed interest in supporting the process of certification of language competences and professional practices. UEHS, on the other hand, signaled its willingness to obtain information about HSK exams and also asked for facilitation in establishing cooperation with other Chinese universities. Both sides declared their readiness for further cooperation, also covering the areas of culture and the organization of joint events. UEHS plans to establish an Institute of Polish-Chinese Culture, which was enthusiastically received by the Embassy. 

Representing UEHS, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts, Dr. Magdalena Płonka, emphasized the openness of our university to all forms of cooperation and the organization of joint events. The embassy expressed strong interest in this idea, announcing invitations to UEHS representatives to events organized at the embassy and in partner institutions.