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Yevhenii Bespalyi

Third year student of Social Communication and PR at UEHS

Poland is a motivator and driving force for me

After 3 years in Warsaw, Yevhenii still enjoys the city’s grandeur and beauty. In turn, the capital inspired our student to grow and showed him a different outlook on life. It gave him the opportunity to help his compatriots and develop his career at the same time.

Here Yevhenii found his place of power and vocation. He says that at our university one can never stay alone, and uses his own example to show how it is possible to combine studying with active social and business activities.

icon button go to media Thank You Poland! COMMUNICATION MEDIA CENTER Yevhenii Bespalyi

You’ve been involved in SMM for more than two years. I can see that both the beginning and the growth of your business take place in Poland.

So, what development opportunities has Poland offered you?

Poland has become a motivator and driving force for me to develop intensively. Living in Warsaw, you see the scale of life. Skyscrapers, successful people around you, many businesses and large companies… It expanded my perspective and after moving from Poltava (Ukraine) I realized that it was possible to live differently. First, I looked for a job so that I could feel comfortable and not bother my parents with my own expenses. I tried working in the warehouse at an H&M clothing store, and then realized that I would do anything to make my job less physically demanding. It was during this time that I learned about social media marketing (SMM). I have always enjoyed everything related to this topic.

You have already trained quite a few students, and together with a colleague you opened the SMM Online Academy. How did you gain experience that you can now share with others? What is your history in SMM?

My development in this field was quite fast, but not easy. I worked every day, with no days off. In the first year I created more than 17,000 Insta stories for my online clients! My time in front of the screen was 12-14 hours a day – I woke up with my phone and went to bed with it. The clients interested in promoting their social media changed, and I kept growing. Clients included entrepreneurs, millionaires, business owners, experts in various fields. My income grew steadily, as my friends and colleagues noticed. They kept asking me how I got to this level and if they could do it themselves. It was after these questions that I started teaching people. At first individuals, then I formed groups of 5-10 people and realized that it worked. My students started making money, and in some cases they even worked on more successful projects than I did. So I decided to scale up the process and in the last 2.5 years I have trained more than 300 students. In Warsaw, I met influencer Nastia (@asiia_ss), who has been in the industry for more than 3 years. We decided to combine our skills, experience and knowledge and set up our own SMM Academy. We held 2 courses, which were attended by more than 130 students.  Most of them were from Poland. Now I feel that sharing knowledge is my calling, so I continue to create information products both for myself and to help others. Now, by way of example, I’m also working as a producer on the Kazakhstan president’s stylist course.

Where do most of your students come from? How long do the courses last?

Before the war in Ukraine started, my students came from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Baltic States. After February 24, I decided to develop the Ukrainian digital market, so I focus on Ukrainians around the world. Students who have completed our courses are in Ukraine, as well as Poland, Germany, Canada, USA, Slovakia, Lithuania, France, Indonesia, and I even have some students from Australia. The courses take 1-2 months to complete, depending on the tariff and development vector the student chooses.

You are studying PR and Social Communication at our university, but you already have a lot of experience. What development opportunities does studying at UEHS give you?

Studying at our university gives me, first of all, the opportunity to socialize in Polish society. I met amazing people who helped me find my way in this country. I am convinced that it is impossible to stay alone at our university. There will always be people who will suggest something and support you in different ways. Every subject and lecturer has influenced me in some way. I like to learn new information all the time, so I see my studies as a game, where you gain knowledge and experience in public speaking, presentations and creating projects.

You also work at the Media Communications Center at the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland and fight Russian propaganda and disinformation with the media team. Please tell us about your duties.

At the beginning of the war, I started working as a volunteer at the Media Center at the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland. Since the flow of information was huge, my team and I helped provide information support. Now our team creates large-scale media projects to combat Russian propaganda and fake news. At the media center, I act as a producer of social media projects – I create content for Ukrainian celebrities, manage social media accounts and help implement media campaigns in cooperation with Polish and Ukrainian television. I am extremely grateful for this experience, and more importantly, for the university’s understanding of my work. Although it is sometimes difficult to do so many things at the same time, my activities don’t interfere with my studies and I manage to combine the two.

As part of your work at the embassy, you are involved in initiatives to help Polish and Ukrainian orphans. What were these initiatives?

One of the goals of our media center is to build positive relations between Ukrainians and Poles. We see all that Poland is doing for us, how it has opened its homes and welcomed Ukrainians. Orphans have also come to Poland from orphanages in the occupied Ukrainian territories. Several times my team and I have organized offline events to bring Polish and Ukrainian children together in joint activities. On the occasion of Women’s Day in Poland, we organized braiding and hairstyling workshops with professional hairdressers from Ukraine, and on the occasion of Boy’s Day we held a soccer training session with professional Ukrainian goalkeeper Boris Kubovy. 

 The children received small gifts and sweet presents. Polish and Ukrainian kids exchanged contacts and we hope they will become friends in the future. It is at such events that our hearts start beating faster, because we realize what an important thing we are doing….

There was a campaign created with thanks from Ukrainians to Poles. Will you say a few words about the idea behind it? What was the most important thing you wanted to say to people?

We are proud of the project “Thank you, Poland” – a video campaign thanking Poles for all they do for Ukrainians in Poland ( The video has received more than 30,000,000 views on social media, Polish television and outdoor advertising. It was also shared by the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, and published on her Instagram and Facebook, for which our entire team is extremely grateful!

Although you have student status, you are also of legal age and staying in another country, where it happens to hear different questions about the war in Ukraine. Have you ever been asked about going back home? What would you say if asked?

I was a volunteer in Warsaw from the first days of the war. During that time there were about 70 people living in the apartment I rented. They were friends, friends of friends, and sometimes strangers who needed help. Last month, together with volunteers from Sun for Ukraine, we organized two charity exhibitions in Krakow and Warsaw. The exhibitions featured paintings by Ukrainian artist Yulia Angeluk, as well as Russian trophies from the war. More than 20 Polish and Ukrainian media reported on the exhibition, and we donated all the money raised from the sales to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are talking about tens of thousands of hryvnias. 

In other words, I realized that I could be useful to my country by being here.

Besides, you are the manager of the and @vdiachni projects. How did these projects come about? How involved are you in them?

The Vdiachni project was created to show the gratitude of Ukrainians to the Poles for the support and help provided to this day. We involve well-known diplomats, artists and politicians, and publish posts in which they thank Poland and Poles. 

And the other project I am now involved in is the Polish news portal’s Ukrainian edition I am responsible for the social media promotion of our editorial team. We are a portal in Poland that writes in Ukrainian and is followed by Ukrainians both in Poland and Ukraine, as well as around the world.

You also work with celebrities to create content for them. Who have you worked with so far?

All of the recording sessions with celebrities that I’ve done have been for our Media Center’s projects. I’ve had experience creating both short videos and larger projects. On Poland’s Independence Day, the Media Center and I helped create a congratulatory video for Ukraine’s Ambassador to Poland, Vasyl Zvarych, and Ukrainian Folk Artist Jamala performed the Polish national anthem with Ukrainian children. Recent projects include an event with Masha Efrosynina at a Ukrainian school in Warsaw. I’ve also recorded videos for the Vdiachni profile of music groups Kalush, Tvorchi, Tina Karol, Andriy Deshchytsia, Nadia Dorofeeva, Yulia Sanina, Go_A, Alyona Alyona, Tayana, Oleg Skrypka, Alina Pash and others.

If you have free time, how do you spend it in Warsaw? What would you recommend to the city's guests or future students? Do you have any favorite places?

Warsaw is an amazing city! I have been living here for almost 3 years now and I am still amazed by its beauty and grandeur. My favorite place to relax is the Royal Baths Park, where there is a magical atmosphere everywhere: you can meet peacocks, swans and admire the museums in the park. I love walking along the Vistula River – it’s my place of power. Near the Vistula is the wonderful Museum of Modern Art, which I visit when I want to find a fresh breath of creativity and new ideas.

Thank you, Zhenia, for your activity and endless motivation! We are sure that just getting to know you can become an inspiration for people around you! 

Good luck!

Alona Trokhymchuk,
UEHS in Warsaw

Thank You Poland! COMMUNICATION MEDIA CENTER   Yevhenii Bespalyi

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