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We are very pleased to announce the 1st edition of the UEHS „Lecturer of the Year” Plebiscite. This is a unique opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to lecturers who inspire students with their knowledge, commitment and passion. We want our students to be the ones to reward lecturers who deserve to be recognised for the effort they put into their daily work.

From 10th to 14th June, students can nominate their candidates for the Plebiscite. You can nominate a candidate by filling in a questionnaire available at the following link: A lecturer who is nominated by a minimum of five students can become a candidate in the „Lecturer of the Year Plebiscite”. Before submitting a candidate, please read the REGULATIONS OF THE “LECTURER OF THE YEAR” COMPETITION .

On 18 June, the final list of candidates will be announced and a secret ballot will be launched. Voting will continue until 30 June 2024.

The results of the „Lecturer of the Year” Plebiscite will be announced as early as 11 October 2024 during the Inauguration Ceremony of the Academic Year 2024/2025.